Sunday, November 05, 2006

Connor Meets George

What to do when there's no new knitting to report? Go to the babies! Yesterday, I received some pics in the mail from my friend Erin in Vancouver. She had her baby in August and I had sent her the George Sweater. Look at how charming this baby is! I really like the red on him.

One of the reasons there's no knitting update is that I had to go on a trip to Little Rock, Arkansas this past week. I actually purposely made the decision not to bring knitting with me because I didn't want to distract myself from preparing the workshop that I was giving over two days. But, due to scheduling, and the fact that there is nothing to do in Little Rock, Arkansas, I had a lot more time on my hands than I would have liked.

But I found this particularly interesting. This sign was posted on the back of the bathroom door:

I have never seen anything like it. And what does it mean exactly? Flush after use? Well, that's different than saying "flush frequently", no? And why do Arkansans (or visitors to Arkansas)need such reminders?

I couldn't let it go so I asked the front desk guy when I was checking out. He said that "even though the building had been completely renovated, there were still old pipes." I asked if people needed the reminder and he told me, with a bit of a grimace, that yes they did.

I was very happy to come home. Posted by Picasa