Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Truth Revealed

(Did I catch your attention with that dramatic title?)

Last night, I visited the lovely Spiders (so nice to see you all again and to meet some of you) where I was also reunited with Colleen, clearly the only Knitsmith who cares enough about me to pay me a visit. But there, I was forced to admit a serious error. Turns out I'm not as blameless as I made myself out to be in my last post regarding the abrupt color change in the Violetta shawl.

What's that, you say? Could it be the start of a new skein? Well, not exactly. I'm still using one giant quad skein from Morehouse. But those of you who were witness to my unskilled yarn winding might remember that the yarn broke once and I had to wind two balls. Silly me- I didn't even remember this when I saw the color change until several days later, I happened to see the yarn end sticking out. oh well.

In other knitting news, these make me very happy:

On the right, another quad skein of Morehouse. This time it will (eventually, maybe a few years?) turn into a Melody shawl for me. In the center, my Debbie Bliss silk yarn patiently waiting to be turned into a cardigan. And introducing, on the left, some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in "Watercolor", purchased on my first visit to Purl a couple of weeks ago. Along with this pattern:

Isn't it the cutest? It will be my niece's annual handknit Xmas sweater. After working on shawls and scarves for so long, I forgot how pleasant and quick it is to knit up child-size stuff.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Do you see what I see?

I've been laboriously working on my sister's lace shawl. A couple of weeks ago, I crossed the halfway point (where the diagonal line changes direction) and kept plodding along. Today, I decided to stretch it out and see it all laid out. And look!!

What the hell is that?!?! How did the yarn just dramatically change color like that? A dyelot issue? Nope, this is all one big skein. Instead it appears to be just a stroke of bad luck.

Kim, I'm hoping you think this is one of those charming anomalies that happen with handmade knits. There's no going back now. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ruffled Again

A friend's trip cancelled at the last minute plus the recent acquisition of DVR meant that I had much time on the couch last weekend. I was getting tired of my 2nd Ruffles scarf and so I was determined to finish.


(Did you all notice the lovely exposed brick wall? In case not, here's another shot.)

So here's the problem. I'm not sure I like it and part of me thinks I look like a complete dork wearing it. When I made the first one for my friend Christina, I made it out of an amazing light green 100% bamboo yarn. I really liked the way the ruffles hung with that yarn. And within 10 minutes of presenting it to C., she got two compliments from random strangers. So of course I thought "I gotta get me one of those!" For mine, I decided to go with the Classic Elite as specified in the pattern.

Here's Christina in her Ruffles.

I need honest opinions- no holds barred. Will I look like an ass on the streets of Manhattan wearing this scarf? (and by this, i mean, will i look like more of an ass than most people?) Posted by Picasa