Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bored with Butter

I know what you're all thinking.

Shireen starts a blog and then she stops knitting.

You wouldn't be wrong.

What can I say. I've been spending too much time in Red States and have lost my creative spirit. I'm "working" on two, very large projects. A baby blanket that has started to bore me and a lace shawl that seems endless (and I'm only about 8 inches in).

But so there is proof that there is indeed yarn on my needles, here is the in-progress blanket. The pattern: Diamonds from Fiber Trends. The yarn: Rowan Soft Baby in the color "Butter". The color is actually fabulous - there are more subtle variations in-person that make it really interesting to work with. If i actually knit these days, that is.

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At 9:18 PM, Anonymous colleen said...

Red States are good for suckin' the creativity from one's sole.


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